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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Results of the October 12, 2010 P&Z Meeting for Adriatica,McKinney

The requested change was denied. What does this mean? Can this be brought in front of the P&Z Committee again? I dont know all of ther answers, but I think this is a big step backwards for the completion of Adriatica. Your thoughts?


10-098Z Conduct a Public Hearing to Consider/Discuss/Act on the Request by SB Harbor Market, J.V., for Approval of a Request to Rezone Approximately 35.15 Acres from “PD” – Planned Development District to “PD” – Planned Development District, Generally to Modify the Development Standards, Located on the Southeast Corner of Virginia Parkway and Stonebridge Drive. DENIED 2-4


mkinneymoomy said...

What DOES this mean? With anchor stores pulling out..what will be left but a few homes and a parking lot? Watters Creek is a beautiful example of reatil and dining. What is happening in Adriatica? Zero advertisement .

Anonymous said...

Adriatica will be jut fine, it has to! Watters Creek is the most over-rated place ever with less than 10 places to eat and maybe 25 to sshop, it is tiny and not worthy of being compared to Adriatica. For now the bet mix use had to shops at Legacy.

Adriatica Enthusiast said...

Whar anchors? I believe that Starbucks would be the only anchor at Adriatica. True Rumors isn't pulling out, they are closing for financial reasons, I would guess. It is hard to sell $300 jeans and other high end fashion clothing in today's economy. My guess is that another restaurant may be a good fit for True Rumors space. Have you been to Cavalli's? The place is packed and the food is top notch. Watters Creek is incredible, but that is like comparing apples to oranges, the amount of exposure WC has in comparison to Adriatica is significant. Adriatica is unlike any other developments in the US., and those in Mckinney need to help support it so we don't end up with it going under and having fast food pad sites and a big box retailer in it's place. Those that live across Stonebridge Lake will have bigger complaints then stairing at a partially complete parking garage, how about the loading dock of a nice Tom Thumb or a gas station?