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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dan Hoff's Neighborhood Update- Adriatica.

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Following is an update on the Adriatica zoning case, which was submitted on Thursday, September 9, 2010. This information replaces the information I had sent on August 27. I now have a copy of the actual submission and it is attached.

On Tuesday, September 21, 6:45PM-9:30PM, Stonebridge Country Club, there will be an open meeting to discuss this zoning request. Don Rucker, Manager of the Stonebridge Country Club has graciously offered the second floor of the facility for this meeting. (P.S. the 'members bar' and a cash bar will be open on the second floor).

This meeting will be open to all who have an interest in Adriatica. Questions may be submitted from the floor, however, if you have questions and wish to submit them in advance, I will provide all input to Mr. Blackard so he may better prepare. Again, this is not necessary, but may be a bit helpful.

As you know, 99.9% of my Neighborhood Updates are 'as a reporter' reporting only what I believe to be happening, whether or not I agree with it. With this case, I would like to offer some personal feelings:

· I have been 'associated' with this project since 2002. My first Neighborhood Update to address this was dated June 20, 2003:

" Project: Retail Tract (Parcel 201)

Location: SE Stonebridge/Virginia


Construction Timeline: Expect announcement by mid-late July


As many of you know, I am retired (since 2002) and live in Stonebridge Ranch with my wife Pat as well as my two daughters, sons-in-law and five grandchildren. I have no intention of running for public office. I owe $$ to nobody. I do not plan to work again. I can say what I want and often do.

I DO care about McKinney and want McKinney to continue to be where I will live out my days. Closer in, I care about Stonebridge Ranch because that is where I live, my family lives and lots of friends and neighbors live.

My drive and involvement in Adriatica is to make McKinney/Collin County/Stonebridge Area a better place to live and this project is definitely good for all of the above.

Through the years, I have gotten to know Jeff Blackard and consider him a friend and someone who shares my base values: Christian values including honesty, caring for our neighbor and valuing $$ only as $$ support the above. I know him to be forthright and someone we can depend on to do what he says. I keep in mind that conditions change and we must adapt to changes (not our base Christian values which remain constant), thus an ever-changing plan for what we will do next. I learned at a young age about changing as conditions dictate when I worked for (the old) AT&T as one who planned AT&T's intercity network (then a 20-year plan).

I like what has happened thus far in Adriatica. I am only sorry it isn't progressing faster. I want to spend $$ in McKinney, supporting my City and School District. However, I also like visiting and strolling around The Shops At Legacy and Watters Crossing as well as visiting restaurants and shopping there. I hope soon to be doing this in Adriatica, downtown McKinney and Craig Ranch (entirely - - or almost so).

Now, a couple of statements that 'surprised' me as I began to think about this zoning case:

It did not surprise me that multi-family gets a knee-jerk negative reaction from me. I have heard more negative than positive about multi-family.

It did not surprise me that I know friends who live in multi-family (anything not single-family) residences that are quite nice.

It DID surprise me to know that I felt 'good' while walking in St. Mark's Square in Venice, not knowing (or really caring) about whether the residences lining the square were owned, rented, leased, etc! I really did not care. They appeared quite nice to me. I experienced the same feeling along many streets in villages in Europe. (Different from Europe, I understand an HOA will be established for residences within Adriatica.)

Another 'surprise' was thinking about businesses, particularly restaurants. I know of a few very nice restaurants in strip centers. Generally, I know of them through friends. Just 'dropping in' to a restaurant in a strip center is not something I would normally do. That same 'nice strip center restaurant,' if located in 'an Adriatica' - now that's another case! I would drop in. I guess that is just my mindset. Is it yours?

Another 'surprise' was thinking about the guidelines we have (zoning, ordinances, special use requests, etc.) for construction within Stonebridge/McKinney. In a discussion with Jeff Blackard, we talked about 'who can do what.'

A palate of paints in my hands would have done something much different that what was done in Michelangelo's hands in the Sistine Chapel!

Stonebriar in Frisco was developed as a showcase development long before Frisco had the 'refined' set of ordinances it has today.

As a city grows, it becomes more 'refined' and restrictive (though, out of necessity) through ordinances, etc. which pertain to all.

Generally speaking, a lot of trust is required, along with ordinances, etc., to allow a developer/builder to build his/her creation.

Jeff Blackard has 'walked his talk' in creating the 'picture he painted' of this Croatian Village within the heart of Stonebridge Ranch/McKinney. Trust has been exhibited and earned!

I join with all concerned in wanting Adriatica to be a great success and at the same time protecting our enjoyment of living here!

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