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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Construction Update in Adriatica and the new Palace Restaurant!

Per Dan Hoff's Stonebridge Ranch update:

Over the past several months, previous agreements for financing had been impacted by the overal 'financial situation' in the U.S./World.  Within the past three weeks, financing has been secured to allow construction to begin once more.  Construction is expected to begin within 60 days.  Please note that local banks (Independent Bank and Synergy Bank) are helping to make continued development of Adriatica a reality.

·      I understand the first phase of the next major construction will include:
o   Completion of the Wedding Chapel (Bella Donna).
o   Construction of the Galleon Dubrovnik (in the harbor).
o   Completion of the ampitheater (stage out into the harbor).
o   Permanent facilities for the Farmers Market* to be located along the emergency spillway for Stonebridge Lake.
o   A 200,000 Sq Ft (4-story) Medical Building** located on the land just north of the Bell Tower, bordered by two streets and the requested fire lane (see below).
* These facilities may also be used for other functions such as auto shows, charitable events, concessions for other outdoor events, etc.  (Lots of FREE events).
** Initially for emergency medical facilities and (soon to follow) for assisted living, indoor pool, spa, exercise area, rehab area, etc.

·      Construction dollars remain tight.  I understand both the McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC: http://www.mckinneyedc.com/about_us.php) and McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC: http://www.mckinneycdc.org/mcdc/content.nsf/content-display/About?opendocument) will be invited to assist with some of the infrastructure costs.  These items will be called out below.  If you feel strongly about this type of assistance, please let members of each corporation know.  It would not hurt to also let members of the City Council know your feelings (http://www3.mckinneytexas.org/www/citycouncil.aspx?id=62.

·      The Farmers' Market in Adriatica is currently located in temporary space.  They are 'setting up shop' in the area between the North Central Womens' Health Partners (which I understand will be occupied within a couple of weeks) and Virginia Parkway.  Please see the Neighborhood Update of January 23.  The Adriatica Farmers Market (http://www.chestnutsquare.org/programs/farmers_market.asp) is scheduled to be open from 1:00PM to 5:00PM, Thursdays and Sundays weekly.

·      The MCDC will be requested to support a permanent location for the Farmers' Market in Adriatica.  This requested support will be to provide the pad (concrete slab) upon which will be constructed pull-through (nice looking!) stalls large enough to provide some protection from the elements for the farmers and their vehicles.  Please note that the MCDC support will be only for the slab and Adriatica will construct the rest, including public bathroom facilities.  These facilities will be utilized by many citizens who are shopping in the area, attending the various free outdoor events (fireworks, balloon launchings, outdoor concerts, etc., etc.) as well by those utilizing the recently constructed hike/bike trail (across the dam) which passes nearby.

·      The MEDC will be requested to support this development by building a fire lane along side the Farmers' Market and the Med Center as well as to relocate a sewer line.  The sewer relocation and fire lane will allow expansion of the Med Center as well as the construction of the 200,000 sqft building (see above) which will house state-of-the art emergency medical facilities.  In later phases, this building will house senior living quarters, assisted living quarters, spa, exercise facilities, etc.

·      The two items above will greatly enhance our standard of living, provide facilities for our residents and provide needed tax revenue for the City of McKinney, McKinney Independent School District, Collin County and Collin County Community College District!  You may support this construction with your voice - to MEDC, MCDC and Council!

·      With completion of the Harbor District, the parking garage will have been surrounded with buildings and no longer visible.


The Palace (formerly Samson's Restaurant)

·      I have been assured that The Palace will be opened in the near future.  While I do not yet have the draft menu, I understand well-known names will be operating this facility.  Seating capacity will be approximately 200

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