Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sauce on the Square

If you havent tried The Sauce in historic downtown McKinney you need to! This was our third visit and the food was still excellent. Our favorite? The all cheese pizza and the Caprese Salad. Make sure you try the mini Bellini, at $2 a piece they pack a surprising kick! Make sure you either call ahead if you have a party of six or more, or show up early, because the place fills up quickly.
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Anonymous said...

We tried this place about two weeks ago after reading the reviews and were very disappointed. The wait was long (over an hour) while many tables sat empty, the staff seemed untrained, and the food very mediocre. Did not try the pizza which we should have. Also a bad layout with the bar in the back and nowhere to sit while waiting on a table. I love downtown and support the businesses but this place needs some work. Mama Emilia's is much better and not that much more $$.