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Monday, January 19, 2009

Things have been somewhat uneventful at Adriatica lately. The "Ken Paxton" office has additional frameing being added and expanded indicating that it looks like to lease between Blackard and the Ken Paxton must finally have been confirmed. Good thing they have decided to expand this little office, which looks like a guardhouse or the home of a Troll. It appears that a fireplace is being added in one of the "wings" of the office. It now appears that the retail shops in Adriatica have added full time "SALE" signs in their windows and on banners outside their shops. First it was balloons, then neon "Open" signs, and now full time "Sale" signs; it appears that the economy may be affecting these shops????

On another note, a new VW dealership has broken ground on 75 right next to the Nissan dealer. As a prior owner of 5 VW's I look forward to this addition to the McKinney area. I am sure that when the economy picks up the dealership will do well.

Thanks for your continued interest; and make sure you put up your American flags for Inauguration Day tomorrow!

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