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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

State Representative Ken Paxton

Is Ken Paxton moving his office to Adriatica or not? Blackard's site gives the impression that the state representative has made a commitment to move into the building that is nearing completion in Adriatica; but that is not the response I got from his Chief of Staff's emails that follows:

Thank you for your email. Rep. Paxton has discussed the possibility of leasing an office in Adriatica but is currently just in the discussion phase. No contracts have been signed, and no negotiated price has been set. Rep. Paxton is not paying to have an office built, but rather exploring the option of moving our current district office to Adriatica once a leasing opportunity becomes available.

The state provides Rep. Paxton with a set budget each year, a portion of which he may use to lease office space for a district office. House Administration reviews the per month cost of each lease, and they have to approve all lease agreements. Leasing a space in Adriatica would be no different than the manner by which we lease our current office in downtown McKinney.

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