Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I stopped by Adriatica today and there are a few projects underway, which are pictured below. The canopies that will be installed over the windows/entrances to the retail stores have arrived on site and are sitting on the back of a truck ready to be installed. Work continues on the latest home being built that backs to the Stonebridge Lake. You will notice that the stone on this home is different from the other homes and that there is a "stucco" finish on a portion of the home, which none of the others built thus far have. The third picture is a mail box area being constructed in the Harbor District. Lastly, the scaffolding has been placed around the bell tower and work is starting again. As mentioned in a prior posting, The Blackard Group's office will be located on teh top two floors.


Anonymous said...

Any idea when the parking grarge start to be wrapped? Thanks for your updates.

mike.wing said...

That I dont know, but I believe the construction of the flats and commercial space will start very soon since the fire lane has been poured.