Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Honda Cars of McKinney

After being kicked out of Honda Cars of McKinney (HCOM) for asking questions that apparently weren’t supposed to be asked, I found myself lost, at least for a moment, in a glorious bubble of giddy glee. “If asking tough questions and getting kicked out of a joint is a measure of a (journalism) man,” I found myself thinking, “then perhaps I haven’t been cutting through the crap near enough.”Journalists aren’t, contrary to what many businesses have come to expect, cheerleaders, i.e., pompom waving blind enthusiasts not willing to pull out the hammer every once in a while and start banging in an effort to see what falls apart.Speaking of falling apart…I dropped by HCOM last week to see if they had any Fits on their lot. Gas costs have started pinching my wallet more than a bit and I thought the Honda Fit (MPG = 27-34) might be worth checking out.Upon arriving at the dealer, I noticed something that concerned me. Full story....

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