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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Appleseed Project

Despite McKinney's amazing growth over the past few years - yes, we're at 120,000+ and counting - there is still something about the city that says "small town community." There is a difference here, a more natural progression of things. Citizens see it and city leaders see it. Witness the city's "Unique By Nature" logo. Others see it, too.Behold, The Appleseed Project. Simply put, The Appleseed Project is an attempt to redefine how neighborhoods interact. It's a bold move in this day and age of strip malls, text messaging and home theaters. Dallas-based Salvo Real Estate, the company behind the project, envisions a neighborhood center in which residents and McKinney townspeople can get out, meet, congregate, eat and interact, a place surrounded by local merchant storefronts and office space.

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