Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A sign has been posted in front of Samson's Restaurant looking for employees. Interested? You can call 817-243-6374.


Anonymous said...

"HELP WANTED" sign is more apropriate for Adriatica. Rumor has it Jeff Blackard is running out of money. True or false?

Anonymous said...

It does make you wonder... the following is taken from MCVB meeting on March 28, 2008: "Mr. Blackard revealed to the Board that the
parking garage which will hold 600 vehicles will be complete within the next two weeks. The Harbor
which will surround the parking garage, Mr. Blackard expects will be completed in 14 months." That leaves 10 months to start and complete the Harbor District. As a Stonebridge resident, it is concerning.