Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I visited Adriatica today and the Starbucks has sheetrock up and there is a "now hiring" poster in their window. The other retail space has no sheetrock and the KW building continues to have its exterior stone finish applied. I have been around alot of construction in my life, and these buildings seem to be taking forever to complete. I will post my pictures Monday.


Alan G said...

Have you seen this:


Pretty amazing, especially the south-west corner of 121 / 75.

cheryl said...

Next to the Starbucks-to-be there is a lot of activity going on. There's some info about what's going on there posted next to the yellow portapotty on the site.

Haven't visited Adriactica much lately. A couple of weeks ago hy husband and I were walking through with toddler in the stroller when a truck told us we weren't supposed to be in there. But he was ok with us walking around as long as we kept to the streets. The next day all the "Danger- No Trespassing" signs went up, and we've been a little reluctant to be blatant lawbreakers since that time.

Looking forward to Starbucks opening soon anyhow! :)