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Friday, May 19, 2006

I had dinner at the new Panda Express this evening. The food was fresh, with a buffet type set up with all the food on display, yet the employees put your selection on your plate. I am not a fan of the dark chicken meat, and it appeared that all of my selections( Kung Pao and Orange Chicken) were dark meat. The taste was good, but once again it was dark meat. If I go back I will stick to the egg rolls and beef selections. There was a "wheel of fortune" outside that you spin to win a prize. I got a coupon for a free entree. On the way back home I noticed that the Keller Williams building in Adriatica is in the process of beginning the stone veneer.

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cheryl said...

My husband picked up dinner at the Panda last night too. Our daughter loves their food. Haven't tried any other Chinese in McK though.

BTW, my husband & I went for a morning bike ride through Adriatica and noticed street signs and stop signs. I'm sure I hadn't seen those before. Adds to the surreality of the place at the moment. Trees, roads, lamp-posts, signs...but few buildings. All very interesting watching it come together.