Located in Historic Downtown McKinney

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alan G. has left a new comment on your post "Photo of the week": Hi -- your "photo of the week" link is not working properly. Not sure if it's my system or a "faulty link." You might want to check it... Thanks again for maintaining the site. How many workers do you think Mr. Blackard has working on his team? It sure doesn't seem like there are very many considering the time it's taking to finish out the two buildings. I usually don't see more than a few guys working at any given time

Thanks Alan! I will try to correct that today. I think that the construction of the buildings is taking so long due to the details and materials that he is using. It seems that a lot of his materials are not the type that you find at your local building supply. I suppose you can only have so many people laying the stone veneer on the walls at at time. As for the Keller Williams building, They have just started the stonework on the sides. That being said, I know that this project seems to be a "dream" project for Blackard and the he most likley is a perfectionist and wants to do right.

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