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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Visit with the builder

I spoke with a salesperson for Adriatica at their office in Craig Ranch. I have obtained the pricing sheet for the lots in Adriatica. Apparently there are 16 reservations for the lots and require a $2500 deposit. Mr Blackard will own the lot that sides to the boutique hotel and build his home there and it will be attached to the hotel. The owner of IC Homes will build next to Mr.Blackard. The perimeter homes will be the lot price plus the construction cost estimated at $200-$250 a square foot, with a 2000 square foot minimum. The homes in the center will be $500,000 and up and the waterfront villas will run between $600,000-$1,000,000 plus. Lofts will be built near the harbor, probably 2 years out and it is not known whether they will be purchase or rent. Apparently Mr. Blackard was married on the make shift Chapel about 3 weeks ago according to the gentleman I spoke with. I will image and scan the lot price sheet later on.

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